Pro Team

Lee Barbee

"I’m Lee Barbee. I’ve been fly fishing and fly tying for three years. I’ve fished in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Montana, and California. As a former US Army medic, I learned how to fly fish and fly tie from Project Healing Waters : Walter Reed Program. I’ve caught brown, rainbow, brookie, and tiger trout. Also, small mouth, large mouth and striped bass. I’ve recently been invited to tie at the International Sportmans Expo in Sacramento, CA. I am one of the winners of the 6th annual PHWFF fly tying competition, and will be tying at the International fly tying symposium in Parsippany, NJ."

Pro member kim weflen

Kim Weflen

"My name is Kim Weflen and I was born and raised in Norway. I've been fishing since I was a little boy, and later on fly fishing and fly tying has become a great passion of mine. It all comes down to the love for fishing with a fly"

pro member Agne Sjäberg

Agne Sjöberg

"Born and raised on a small island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The coastal fishing for sea trout has always been a big part in my life. Love tying different sea trout flies"

Karl Önning

"My name is Karl Önning, I’m 30 years old and live with my wife and 3year old son in Västerås, Sweden. My everyday job is project planning - Powerline construction. I´ve been tying flies seriously since 2012. Im tying - Nymphs, Dry´s, streamers, tubeflies, sea trout flies. All i might need for trout fishing from midges in #20 to 15cm tubeflies for migrating trout. Trout has become the species i mainly fish for but also love fishing for char, grayling, rainbow and salmon. I travel a lot in search for that dream fish. All around sweden and abroad. Im really passionate and ambitious about my fly fishing and fly tying. Always trying to improve and learn more. "


Simon johansson

"Hello, I’m Simon johansson, 29 years old. Lives in Southern Sweden with my wife and two daughters. I tried fly fishing and tying flies for the first time at the age of 10, but it became the biggest interest only 5 years ago. Mainly tying dry flies and that’s also the fishing technique I prefer. Today I run my own business, selling fly fishing equipment, fly tying materials, and my own tied flies. "

Pontus Larsryd

"Im a 28 year old guy living in Northern Sweden in a Town called Tänndalen. Were i work as chef in the kitchen and tie ALOT of flies in my spare time. When im not tying im either hunt, are out with my 3 dogs, fishing or spending time with my wife and newborn child 🙂 Ive been tying flies for about 2,5 years. In that ive started and closed my own flytying shop. I love the beauty there is in flytying not just to tie Good tied flies. Now a Days its almost and absolute art with photos of flies. "

proteam cap

Gabriele Zingaro

"I’m Gabriele “Cap” Zingaro, I actually live in rome, where I was born 36 years ago and I’m angler since 1989. I’m a fly fishing addict and i’ve made a job with my passion. Usually I go fishing for trout and some predators (bass, pike) but I love try catching each species on the fly. I’m also a fly tyer and I’m a consultant for some of the best company in the world; I love to join international fly tying competition and in 2018 I won Slovenian Fly Tying Championship in two different categories (dry fly – Streamer).I collaborate with fishing TV and Magazine, I’m a Youtuber and blogger explaning how to make simple fly fishing for everybody."

Marcus Zetterblad

My name is Marcus, I'm born and raised in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. I started flyfishing and tying flies at the age of 12 and for me the brackish waters of the archipelago became my home water were I could evolve my flyfishing and flytying. It didn't took long before I was charmed by the mysterious sea run browns that live along the coastal line of Scandinavia. Most of my flytying consists of streamers for sea run browns, perch and pike but lately I’ve been obsessed by the european nymphing and I love to tie nymphs for tight line nymphing.

Marco Clari

Hello everyone,i’m Marco Clari,i’m start to flyfishing since 2008 and altre a few months i started the amazing art of flytying together a very good flytyer in Turin,i started only with dryfly for some years and after try and practiced all type of flyfishing,i like so much tyie flies and share my pattern

Carlo Degli Agli

Luca Barosselli

Sebastian Jop