Pro Team

Alexander Fredagsvik

"I started my flyfishing/flytying career at the age of twelve. Now im thirtyfive and starting to grow grey hair. My focus shifts when i comes to different spicies to hunt. Trout both fresh and saltwater, salmon and seabass are the ones im building my flyfishing and flytying around. Some seasons the trout are the main focus, next im hitting the Norwegian flats for seabass. I like to challenge my self, and there is always something to learn. Im very fortunate to make a living of my passion, and try the best i can to inspire and get people out there."​

Pro member kim weflen

Kim Weflen

"My name is Kim Weflen and I was born and raised in Norway. I've been fishing since I was a little boy, and later on fly fishing and fly tying has become a great passion of mine. It all comes down to the love for fishing with a fly"

pro member Agne Sjäberg

Agne Sjöberg

"Born and raised on a small island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The coastal fishing for sea trout has always been a big part in my life. Love tying different sea trout flies"

Karl Önning

"My name is Karl Önning, I’m 30 years old and live with my wife and 3year old son in Västerås, Sweden. My everyday job is project planning - Powerline construction. I´ve been tying flies seriously since 2012. Im tying - Nymphs, Dry´s, streamers, tubeflies, sea trout flies. All i might need for trout fishing from midges in #20 to 15cm tubeflies for migrating trout. Trout has become the species i mainly fish for but also love fishing for char, grayling, rainbow and salmon. I travel a lot in search for that dream fish. All around sweden and abroad. Im really passionate and ambitious about my fly fishing and fly tying. Always trying to improve and learn more. "


Simon johansson

"Hello, I’m Simon johansson, 29 years old. Lives in Southern Sweden with my wife and two daughters. I tried fly fishing and tying flies for the first time at the age of 10, but it became the biggest interest only 5 years ago. Mainly tying dry flies and that’s also the fishing technique I prefer. Today I run my own business, selling fly fishing equipment and fly tying materials "

Pontus Karén

"29 year old fella that's been tying flies for 3 years. I live in Stockholm, were i work as a chef. When im not busy in the kitchen i like to calm down with a cold beer behind the vise, were i mainly focus and emergers and caddis flies. And when im having the oppertunity my heart belongs to the rivers and nature in northern Sweden. "

proteam cap

Gabriele Zingaro

"I’m Gabriele “Cap” Zingaro, I actually live in rome, where I was born 36 years ago and I’m angler since 1989. I’m a fly fishing addict and i’ve made a job with my passion. Usually I go fishing for trout and some predators (bass, pike) but I love try catching each species on the fly. I’m also a fly tyer and I’m a consultant for some of the best company in the world; I love to join international fly tying competition and in 2018 I won Slovenian Fly Tying Championship in two different categories (dry fly – Streamer).I collaborate with fishing TV and Magazine, I’m a Youtuber and blogger explaning how to make simple fly fishing for everybody."

Marcus Zetterblad

"My name is Marcus, I'm born and raised in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. I started flyfishing and tying flies at the age of 12 and for me the brackish waters of the archipelago became my home water were I could evolve my flyfishing and flytying. It didn't took long before I was charmed by the mysterious sea run browns that live along the coastal line of Scandinavia. Most of my flytying consists of streamers for sea run browns, perch and pike but lately I’ve been obsessed by the european nymphing and I love to tie nymphs for tight line nymphing."

Marco Clari

"Hello everyone, I'm Marco Clari and started to flyfishing since 2008. After a few months i started the amazing art of fly tying together a very good flytier in Turin,i started only with dryfly for some years then tried and practiced all techniques of flyfishing. I really like to tie flies and share my patterns and styles!! Tight lines guys!!!"

Carlo Degli Agli

"My name is Carlo. I have been practising fly fishing sinse 2009. I have always been tying all sll kinds of flies but in the last few years dedicated to saltwater fishing. I like tye especially pike, tuna and bass streamers. "

Luca Barosselli

“Since I was young I played different fishing techniques and, in 2010, I landed to fly fishing. Suddenly I felt in love with it and it became my only passion. The year after, with the guide of friends, I started tying my first flies: both classics and moderns. Since then, with the support of tiers well known in Italy and Europe, I always tried to improve myself, getting new tips and refining my tying technique. I went constantly deep inside this new magic world with a lot of blood, sweats and tears, focusing mostly about the Italian Style where Francesco Palù was the pioneer. I had a cooperation with the famous teacher Massimo Magliocco, taking care of his tying articles published by some important specialized magazines. In 2015 I tied at the Forlì Fly Fair for my friend Diego Riggi, founder of Dressing Italiano, in 2016 I attended at the Vicenza Fly Fair at “Fly Fishing 360” corner, an organization wich I’m still associated to. In 2017 I attended again at the Vicenza Fly Fair tying at the desks of “Fly Tying Experience”, a tying group organized by Fabio Federighi, one of my best teachers and a friend. At this Fly Fair I won a Stonfo prize for a tying competition organized by the magazine La Pesca a Mosca e Spinning. I’m also a pro team member of Gulff Resins and I’m still associated to the Bereguardo Greygoose Club where I share my passion with my friends. In 2018 I took part in the Vicenza fair at the “Pescare Show”and the “Danish Fly Festival”. My flies go through different techniques, from traditional to modern ones with the use of every kind of materials available. I go fishing to rivers in Italy and abroad, plenty of challenges where I love trying my flies and push my limits. I’m conscious to be only at the beginning of an hard and long way, to pursue a path that will allow me to grow professionally."

Sebastian Jop

Jon Hanson

"My name is Jon Hanson and I’m a weird flyfisher and a passionate flytier. Been flyfishing and tying flies since 1996 and worked in the flyfishing industry since 2004. I fish/tie flies for almost all european species, but I favor tying flies and fish for Brown Trout and Searun Brown. "

GULFF Pro Ola Andersson

Ola Andersson

"My name is Ola Andersson, a Swede in the mid 30's. I have been fishing all my life and the last 10 years or so has been all about flyfishing. I have been tying flies since i was 13 or so but in the last 5 years its gotten serious for real. I mostly tie nymphs mainly to be used "euro" style, or shortline up stream nymphing."

Ville Teini

"Hi! My name is Ville. Born 1987 in a small town called Kokemäki, southwest of Finland and there I live still with my wonderful family. Besides changing diapers to my newborn babygirl or fooling around with my 4-year-old boy, I try to tie as much as possible. Discovered fishing at early age when we found a fishingclub of three people with my two closest(and only) kids in the neighborhood. In 2014 I got fascinated by fly fishing and fly tying, but it was only last summer I discovered the wonders of nymphfishing and that really feels like my cup of coffee although I try to be as diverse as possible. Favorite catch at the moment is grayling but I try to catch also brownies and rainbows. Tight lines everybody!"

Mathias Åberg

"I'm Mathias Åberg, 40 years old. I'm living in Garphyttan Sweden with my wife and 2 kids. I have tied flies for about 15 years but it's the last 4-5 years I'm really stept up. Dryflies and dryflyfishing is what it's been all about since day one, and still is. Trout fishing have the last years been the big thing for me. But it happens that I go for som rainbow fishing also in some lakes near my home."

Peter Steen

"My name is Peter Steen, and I began tying flies about four years ago, partly because it seemed like a natural progression for someone passionate about fly fishing, and partly to occupy my time during the winter months when it's too cold and snowy to fish. I tend to specialize in dry flies, particularly caddis, but I enjoy tying and fishing a wide variety of patterns. I primarily fly fish for wild and native trout in small, high elevation streams and lakes throughout Utah and its surrounding states. "

Des O’Rourke

"My name is Des O'Rourke and I live in Cork in the South of Ireland. Flyfishing for wild brown trout, salmon and sea trout is my passion. I love the creativity of fly tying and try to find the time to tie most days. I enjoy sharing my flyfishing and flytying adventures on Instagram. Make sure to check it out @desorourke"

Jarid Church

My name is Jarid Church and I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. As a young kid, I spent a lot of my time fishing. I made a natural progression into fly fishing when I was about 15 years old. Shorty after taking up fly fishing, I became interested in fly tying. It wasn’t until I joined social media in 2015 that I really began to take it more serious. I started tying outside my comfort zone and trying to improve, not only in my tying, but my photography as well. I primarily fish for trout, but enjoy chasing largemouth bass too.

Kevin Burdette

" Fishing has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Having a father that was a tournament Bass Fisherman, fishing has always been a part of our family. I started tying saltwater flies when my wife and I settled on St. George Island, Florida. I cut my teeth tying flies for some of the most demanding Tarpon Guides in area. Three years ago we opened up a little fly shop in Apalachicola, Florida called Forgotten Coast Fly Company. I focus primarily on saltwater fly tying on any and all species that call salty water home, from Tripletail to Tarpon."


Guido Lauff

“I have been fishing since I was six years old, my father always took me along when he went fishing and that is how I got into it. In the beginning I always fished with flies that I bought, and sometimes with flies that I had received as a gift from other fly fishermen. I found that the success rate with the purchased flies was not that great. Often times, the gifted flies were better. I tend to look at a real Caddis Pupa and try to make it as realistic as possible. I always pay attention to shape, color, feet/legs, proportions and wings I fish in almost all German waters, but mainly on the Agger, Lenne, Sieg and Wupper because they are close to me. Germany has beautiful rivers with good fish stocks, with species like grayling, trout, barbel, salmon, sea trout, nose and chub, as well as many others. I've also been fishing in Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg. Other countries are still to come!"

Tuomas Hakala

"I’m Tuomas Hakala, 23 years old. I’m living in Kokkola Finland. I have been fishing since i was 4-5 years old. I began tying flies twelve years ago. First i only tied flies and my dad fish with them. I haven’t been so interested about flyfishing in the first years, but i loved fly tying. Then fell in love with fly fishing and here we are. I like every kind of flyfishing methods. But my thing seems to be pike and trout in the fast running waters. "

Nacho Heredero

“Hi all!. My name is Nacho Heredero, I am from Madrid although now I live in Asturias. I am an streamerjunkie, and I started in flyfishing and flytying in 1991. I remember when I bought and apart my first streamers to see how they were tied. My favourite fish?, all that can be fished with an streamer!. From 2015 I am in the flyfishing industry tying flies for CRR Flies, so, I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to live from my passion and to do each day something that I love, to tie flies.”

Jan Sigve Malmin

“My name is Jan Sigve and I'm from Norway. I started fly tying and fly-fishing as a young boy and I've been obsessed with it ever since. I love spending time working with my tying vise and create new fly patterns for my next trip. 'Always trying to improve and learn' is my personal motto."

Kenneth Giese Hejnfelt

"Born in 1984, in South Jutland County, Denmark, where I started my fly-fishing carrier, as a young kid. I spend most of my time there fishing dry flies and nymphs, for brown trout and graylings. When I turned 20, I moved to “Sea run Brown capital” of Denmark, Funen, to study and here I picked up coastal fly fishing and fly tying. In my late twenties I stated fly-fishing for Pike and Perch and around that time my fly-tying became extremely serious. Today I spend more time at the vise than at the waters. Fly tying has become an obsession for me and I tie everything from small nymphs to big and bulky pike flies."

Eugene Borovin

Eugene Borovin

"Hi everyone! I`m Eugene Borovin, 28 years old and living in Krasnodar, in the South part of Russia. I`ve been fishing since childhood and started fly fishing and fly tying from 2016. Too much enjoy to tie flies and share with people."

Johannes Junge

Johannes Junge

“My name is Johannes Junge, born in 1983. I’m from Kolding, Denmark. I have been fishing since I was 6 years old. Flyfishing has always been fascinating me, but it wasn’t before 2014 I started to tie flies and became a flyfisher. I was hooked when I caught my first fish on fly and haven’t look back since. Pike flies is my game, but occasionally I tie shrimp and baitfish patterns for searun browns and perch patterns. I run a small danish website about pike flyfishing with tips, tricks and flytying tutorials, to help beginners and other flyfishermen with the same passion.!

Dominick Greico

Dominick Greico

"Dominick Greico has been trout fishing and fly tying for most of his life. A lifelong resident of Upstate New York, he has spent much of his free time exploring the vast Adirondack Park and the endless trout streams the State has to offer. His passion for fly fishing often leads him to the State of Montana in the summer to fish his favorite rivers and mountain lakes. He was fortunate to learn the art of fly tying many years ago from some of the most seasoned outdoorsman in the area. Dominick pays homage to his mentors by continually refining the patterns he was taught. He has a mission of incorporating modern materials and techniques while maintaining the core qualities of these tried and true fly patterns."

Christian Kirchermeier

Christian Kirchermeier

"My name is Christian Kirchermeier from Bavaria in Germany. I am 34 and live here with my wife and my daughter. I go fishing since over 30 years now and it dont get boring. Flytying startet at the ago of 15, but after two or three years I quit. After a long time searching different fish like carp and catfish I come back to flyfishing a few years ago. My favorits are mainly dryflies and nymphs to target trout and grayling. I always hunting for the big ones.."