Terms and conditions

In this section we tell you about the terms and conditions governing the use of material published on our website, and our privacy principles.


GULFF Ltd has the right to update these terms and conditions, and to amend the content of the website without prior warning. The laws of Finland apply to these terms and conditions, and to the use of our website. Copyright, trademarks and other immaterial rights, the visual look of our website, and the material published on our website, such as pictures, texts and software, are protected by the trademark, copyright and/or other immaterial rights of GULFF Ltd or our partners.


We reserve all rights to material published on this website. The material published on our website can be browsed and copied by printing or downloading onto a computer. The material must, however, only be used for non-commercial and personal purposes. Copies, or parts thereof, must not be sold or distributed electronically or as paper copies for commercial reasons, nor can they be amended or attached to other material or other websites. Press releases may be published in media, provided the source is mentioned.



The content of our website is intended to give useful information about GULFF Ltd’s products and services. All the information on our website is intended for informative purposes only, and the information contained therein must not be considered as judicial, commercial or medical advice.
GULFF Ltd will do its utmost to ensure that the information on this website is up-to-date and correct, but we cannot be held responsible either for ensuring that the information will be suitable for the visitor, or for results of actions which are based on such information.
GULFF Ltd and its associates are not liable for any direct or indirect damage, which may result from a service offered on this website, or its use.
GULFF and its associates are not responsible for the content of any websites that are linked to this website, or for any damage that results from using such website.
We are also not held responsible for the content of chat forums or other services on our website, where visitors post in their own content.
Our company is within its rights, but not obliged to, remove any visitor’s material, unless contraindicated by Finnish law.
These terms and conditions do not, however, affect your statutory rights under the applicable national laws of Finland.


The sender of any material to our company is responsible for ensuring that such material does not infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties and that it is neither illegal nor libellous, and is responsible for all costs incurred by our company as a result of the illegality or libellous nature of materials that are sent to our company.




The personal information collected on our website is handled according to these terms and conditions and the applicable privacy laws. See our register information.




1.Keeper of register
Gulff Oy (3187359-2)

Venlantie 8A
33400 Tampere


2. Person in charge of the register and/or contact person:


3. Name of register:
Gulff Ltd’s customer register.


4. Purpose of handling personal information:
1) To enable news bulletins, customer magazines, brochures, direct marketing messages and invoices to be sent, and to enable other functions related to customer relationships.
2) This information can be used for marketing communications and for the development of our online services, and for statistical purposes.


5. Data content of the register:
1) The name of a private person, business client or contact, their address, telephone number, fax number, email address, other contact details. Other information given by the business client or private individual. Information generated by staff as a result of any service provided, or during maintenance. Campaign and bulletin history.
2) Campaign and notice information history.


6. Statutory sources of information:
1) Information on private individuals, businesses or their staff is given by the client or its authorised representative.


7. Passing and transferring of statutory information outside of EU or the EEA
The service is permitted in certain cases to pass the customer’s details on, insomuch that it is connected with the activities of Gulff  Ltd.


8. Principles of protecting the register:
a) Physical materials: Filed in a locked cabinet.
b) Saved information: Protected database. The person responsible for maintaining the register has access to the whole register. The access to the register is protected with a user name and password. All the details can only be accessed by certain persons, defined beforehand. All of Gulff Ltd’s employees are entitled to update the customer’s contact details, as do customer-authorised experts, who have user rights to the website. The data on the register is only handled by those people, whose job description includes this task.


9. A registered person’s right to stop the use of his or her details:
The registered person has the right to stop his or her information being used for targeted advertising, remote selling or other direct marketing, and for market research and surveys. The request must be made in writing, and addressed to the person in charge of registration.


10. The right to inspect a registration:
The registered person or body has the right to inspect the information held on them on the register, and to receive a copy of this information. The inspection is free of charge once a year.


11. Correcting information:
The register keeper will spontaneously, or if requested to do so, correct, remove or update personal information held on the register if it is erroneous, unnecessary, lacking or out of date. In order to implement the right to inspect and correct the information, the registered person or body must contact the person in charge of the register.