GULFF Color Resin Glow Green, 15ml



Gulff Glow Green


This resin is designed for versatile use. It is perfect for small glowing larvaes and perdigons, pike fly bodies and streamer heads.


Resin covers 50-60%. It let you to use other materials under the resin. Use thin layer clear resin for covering. This is how to create layered desing.


Very famous combination is Glow Green resin, Hot Orange Bead and Black Magic spot on the neck.


  • Always tack-free finishing
  • Cures in few seconds (4-5 seconds)
  • Manufacturing base on G2 high quality resin materials


How to use:

make thin layers and cure 5 seconds.



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Color resin series are made for attraction – it cannot be ignored!

Fish can see colors – then use colors. You are the artist. Think pink – create candies for graylings or make glowing green streamer heads and bodies

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