NATIVA™ was launched by Chargeurs Luxury Materials, the world’s leader in luxury combed wool. A new branded fiber it offers unprecedented methods in terms of social, animal and environmental responsibility. By joining NATIVA™, the world’s leading brands get to prove their strong commitment to transparency, sustainability and responsibility. They prove, above all, their respect for the new standards expected by Consumers. NATIVA™ was born out of passion. The passion of Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ team and Merino wool producers around the world, for this natural fiber of incomparable quality. We can proudly say that we closely know each of the breeders who produce the most beautiful and responsible wool in the world. We can proudly say that driven by a deep concern for transparency and impeccable standards we have managed to offer today’s leading brands a level of quality and responsibility that has never been achieved before. NATIVA™ is the new reference brand for wool fibers.

  • Nativa label guarantees that the used Merino wool is made with the finest natural fibers, sourced ethically to respect animals, people and the planet. And you can trace all.
  • Nativa merino wool is manufactured in order to avoid environmental pollution or reduce it to a minimum.



Pure Waste is a Finnish company breaking new ground in textile recycling. Pure Waste manufactures and sells yarns, fabrics and garments made from 100% recycled materials. Purewaste operations are based on collecting and recycling cutting waste from textile industry where it is generated, in India. The collected cutting waste is sorted, processed and manufactured into high-quality textile products. Pure Waste products are made of 100% recycled fibres, meaning no virgin material at all needs to be used in manufacturing.